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Here's a mix of our newest tune, Do You Think They'll Know Your Name up there in Heaven. Bob Schieffer wrote it and does the vocal

Do You Think

Here are a few mp3 clips from our new CD, Road Kill Stew and Other News

Hard Choices

Hangover Boogie

TV Anchorman -- sung by CBS News' Bob Schieffer

A Girl Named Dick

Here's our song about DC's baseball team, the Nationals: THAT'S NATS 

That's Nats
(lo-fi, smaller file)   Written by Geff King, Diana Quinn, and Mike Woods  All rights reserved copyright 2005
That's Nats
(hi-fi, larger file, NEW 2012 lyrics)

Here are some fast-loading, non-cd quality songs from our latest CD, Your Trailer or Mine:

Your Trailer or Mine? written by Ken Harnage   TITLE CUT, The album WON 2004 Country Recording and ALBUM OF THE YEAR 

Goin'Round the World   written by Diana & Mike, sung by Mike    on YOUR TRAILER OR MINE, winner of 2004 Country Recording, Album of the Year

Sancho Panzer   instrumental written by Mike

It Still Hurts   sung by Diana on YOUR TRAILER OR MINE, winner of 2004 Country Recording, Album of the year
  Pee Wee's Gone     nominated for WAMMIE Song of the year

Here are some more samples of our tunes in RealAudio and MP3


Honky Tonk 101 on  our first album, winner of DEBUT ALBUM)
Barroom Tan       same as above
Telephone            same as above
My Window Faces the South (not on an any album)


Down in Washington on the first album
Pee Wee's Gone

From Who Gets the Fruitcake This Year?

Santa's Got That Ol' TB   another twisted Xmas song written by Geff King
Who Gets the Fruitcake This Year?   hot potato with a holiday fruitcake
Santa is a Working Man  Santa has some union problems
O Come O Come Emmanuel  our Christmas surf instrumental - on Hungry for Music's Holiday Feast VI
Christmas Prison   What can happen if you're a bad girl or boy
Christmas Island    the 20s classic. where are the ukeleles?
Honky Tonk Hannukah   WHAT??>? What if????

You can also find some more MP3 files on The Washington Post's online MP3 page, edited by Maria Villafana.

You can watch our entire performance at the Kennedy Center from a few years ago right here.

FOR BOOKINGS AND MORE INFORMATION, email diana at muddypaws.com
or call 202-544-7011 or 800-893-7254