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We belong to WAMA, a very supportive group for musicians. We urge you to join, too! IN 1999, HTC won a WAMMIE (the prestigious WAMA award) for DEBUT CD!! Over the past three years, Honky Tonk Confidential has been  nominated for  Wammies  in these categories: New Artist; Country, Duo/Group; Mike Woods (Country  instrumentalist and male vocalist); Bobby Martin (Country  instrumentalist); Geff King (Country instrumentalist, male vocalist); Diana Quinn (Country  female vocalist) Woo-HOO!!!

The venerable Mike Schreibman runs this site, which exists to promote Washington-area musicians and artists. One of the premier events they work on is the annual WAMA Crosstown Jam - we were there last year, 
along with many of DC's finest musicians in all sorts of categories.

Muddypaws.com --  Home of Honky Tonk Confidential, The Fabulettes, Tru Fax & the Insaniacs, and Too Many
                                 Dogs Music.

Our sister band, The Fabulettes, performs the great girl group music of the 1960s.

Former Fabulette Lisa Ann Wright has a brand new CD, Sweet Bye & Bye.

where to buy alternative country music

Miles of Music -- A great mail order company with its own cool ezine.

Village Records -- The latest and greatest in alt/country, including lots of undiscovered gems. They're based in Arkansas, and the proprietor, Bill Lavery, is as straight-arrow as they come.

Hepcat Records/Distribution -- A way- groovy mail order company in California. 

The Music Loft -- Well, you can buy our CD there!   And guitar strings, and instruments and lessons.
This is what a music store SHOULD be!  Owner Kenny Haddaway is a great musician and a fixture in the local music community.  Located in Arlington, Virginia.

SAM Records and Distribution-- Run by Kevin Johnson himself; he distributes many of the CDs we're on.

ezines  a great way to spread the alternative country gospel. 

Twangin! Online - Good source for the latest and most fun in alt-country, insurgent country, whatever they call it country. Editrix Cheryl Cline is truly one of a kind! ( Here's our entry in her Directory of Alt-Country Bands.) 

Country Standard Time - this is the internet version of the magazine you see in only the coolest venues and record stores.Jeff Remz edits this magazine,  which serves up the latest mainstream news as well as underground country reviews and news.

Rural Route -- Garth is the Anti-Hank, and Jeff Wall is St. Peter. Check out his irreverent look at the scene.

No Depression -- The grandaddy of alternative country magazines, No Depressions is a print mag, but this is its presence on the internet.


Twangcast  -- We listen to Mike Hays' Twangcast all the time -- it's a website that plays continuous, non-commercial twang 24/7. You can listen to it and keep on working, or whatever, with no interference. 

bands/real folks

The Demolition String Band -- We love Elena Skye and her hard-twangin' band from Hoboken, NJ. Her site is
beautiful, too.

The Dixie Bee-Liners - Buddy Woodward and Brandi Hart have a hell of a good bluegrass band.

The Furs --  We met these guys at one of Diana's songwriter showcases.  Very hip, very cool. We suggest that you buy their record. Available from them or from us. Check out the store!


Recording Arts -- We do a lot of our recording at Marco Delmar's studio; he really works around our crazy schedules! 

Bias Recording  -- The creme de la creme on a global scale. One of the best studios, period, and worth
every penny it costs. Engineer Bob Dawson has the best ears in the business, bar none. Musicians travel from all over the 
world to record at Bias.

Big Bear Productions, Ltd. -- Scott Twiford is indeed a Big Bear, with a nice comfy studio. He's also an excellent
engineer for on-site recording and live sound. The Fabulettes use Scott and his crew for our big ballroom jobs.

reading list

Fred on Everything - Our friend Fred Reed writes a wicked column out of Washington, D.C. Funny, sardonic, and often achingly accurate. Fred also came up with the name for the surf-instrumental on our Your Trailer or Mine? -- the song's calle Sancho Panzer.

Hayseed -- The Online Journal for Hillbillies, Rednecks and White Trash. 

Modern Twang: An Alternative Country Music Guide & Directory -- This is THE definitive encyclopedia of alternative country music. I can't find its website any more; look for it in your local book/record stories and at amazon.com 
We can't find the new website though - where is it?

htc toolkit

AltaVista: Translations - How to say, "Honky Tonk Confidential" in Portugese? 

Welcome to BMI.com!

COWPIE Bunkhouse - where we head when we're in need of the right lyrics to a song. 


Fender's Web Site - without Mike and Diana's Teles, and Bobby's Strat, and Geff's Jazz Bass, and the Vibroluxes and the Twins and the Deluxes and even that damn SideKick Reverb, we'd sound a whole lot different! 

Hang_M_High Vintage Western Wear - This is we find our wildest western duds!

for the hell of it

The End of the Internet - They're not kidding! 

Welcome to the White House or Welcome to the Pink House - take your pick.

FOR BOOKINGS AND MORE INFORMATION, email diana@muddypaws.com
or call 202-544-7011 or 800-893-7254