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Honky Tonk Confidential is available for private parties, fancy dress balls, picnics and festivals and all sorts of  fun events requiring good music. 
We are from the Washington, D.C. area.

Call us at 800-893-7254 or 202-544-7011 or email diana at honkytonkconfidential.com or diana at muddypaws.com

We also have snail mail (a postcard about once a month) and an email list (about once a week) and we invite you to sign up. For email, send a little electronic missive to mike at muddypaws.com. For postcards, email Diana.

We love to hear from you!! Here's some email we got this week:

TM Hanna gave me a copy of it this Saturday & WOW I'm really impressed!!    I love all 16 Cuts! I've been playing it over & over at home and in my car. My 4 favorites are . . . . "Rock Creek Crawl" - I think, should be played before every traffic report. What a rocking song.  Harny's "Your Trailer or Mine?" is one that makes you sing along.
I like your version with the slower tempo. "Pee Wee's Gone" - love the lyrics and the banjo! I used to faithfully watch Pee Wee's Playhouse on Saturday mornings.     "I Don't Believe In Angels"   makes me sad.   I'm so sorry you lost your friend.   Diana, you  have a gorgeous voice.  "It Still Hurts" is a good opening song. Guess that's five 
Anyway I just wanted to tell you - SOUNDS FANTASTIC!

I can honestly say I've never seen a band playing so hot that they blow a transformer and put a whole block out of power, Kudos to you!! Hope to actually catch a whole night of music sometime. Take care ..... "Fido"

We saw you for the first time at the Junior Brown show and thought you were great! We would love to see you again- with the whole band and a longer show. 
Bruce & Mary

FOR  MORE INFORMATION email diana at muddypaws.com
or call 202-544-7011 or 800-893-7254